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Lawson Fairbank 3rd April, 2006

"It's bananas because one of the problems we've faced is a system that encourages people to believe we should Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone."

So said Conservative leader David Cameron, accusing the Labour Party of a failure to build an "adequate" number of new homes.

Mr Cameron said his party would tackle the disparity between the demand for new houses and supply "and review the whole planning system to ensure that local people are more directly involved in shaping the future of their communities".

Tory policy will aim to produce "a Britain in which there are more beautiful, affordable, eco-friendly homes", he said.

In December, the Conservatives' local government spokesman, Caroline Spelman, questioned Mr Prescott's green credentials and accused him of planning to "concrete over vast swathes of the green belt".

And in October last year Tory MP Peter Lilley criticised the decision to approve planning permission for thousands of new homes in his Hitchin and Harpenden constituency.

"The average home in Britain now costs more than £175,000 and first-time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to save the money for a deposit or to raise a mortgage," he said.

"Under this government, homeownership for our young people threatens to become the preserve of the lucky few."

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