Selling Land

Selling land can be a difficult task simply because the majority of high street estate agents do not regularly deal in the buying and selling of land. The Internet has helped with this problem - land buyers can more easily find land for sale on web sites such as ours.

Once the decision to sell your land has been made, two questions arise;

How do I value the land?

Where do I sell my land?

There are a number of land agents who buy land for their land banks. The lower cost of land compared to that of bricks and mortar property allows land agents to buy land themselves rather than acting as a middle man for a vendor.

The legal side

Once a land buyer is found, use a solicitor to act on your behalf to see the process through. A solicitor can draw up a contract of sale and ensure the legal documentation is completed.

Selling My Land

For people wishing to sell land privately they can do so through a growing number of websites.

First Strata are experienced land agents with a proven track record in buying land. They are supported by cash buyers looking to buy land from private individuals selling land over 2 acres with good access.

If you are selling land, visit First Strata to sell your land today.

Sell My Land

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