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Farmland values have increased by 7.4% in the last 9 months
In England, average farmland values rose by 1.1% during the third quarter of 2011 giving a total rise of 7.4% in land values in the first three quarters of 2011.
25th Oct, 2011

Farmland values to rise again in 2012
Bare agricultural land is 5% higher than 12 months ago and almost double the prices being achieved five years ago. Farmland prices are expected to continue to rise in 2012.
23rd Sep, 2011

Farmland prices increase by 16%
Farmland prices reached an all time high last year, increasing 16% in a year. Over the next twelve months, surveyors expect farmland prices to continue rising strongly.
16th Aug, 2011

Farmland values rose by 5.4% in the first quarter of 2010
English farmland continues upbeat performance in 2010 as investors and overseas buyers return to market.
31st March, 2010

Brownfield targets ‘slow down house building’
A government target that requires 60% of new homes to be built on brownfield sites is slowing down house building and restricting growth in urban areas, a think-tank claims.
16th March, 2010

Agricultural land key part of investment plans
Farm land across the UK could be on the shopping list for Cambridgeshire County Council's pension fund.
2nd March, 2010

Why this man chose farms over funds
Investors, such as fund manager Graham Birch, are being drawn to agriculture by the increasing demand for food… and the tax breaks.
31st January, 2010

City money drives farmland prices up
Investors see farmland as a lifestyle choice and a hedge against tough times — and they like the tax breaks
26th February, 2010

'Buy farmland' advises Dr Marc “Doom” Faber
The world’s most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland by Marc Faber, the notoriously bearish market pundit, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash.
22nd February, 2010

UK house building hits lowest since 1946
House building fell to its lowest level for more than 60 years in 2009 - with just 118,000 new homes completed, according to government figures.
18th February, 2010

Price of farmland rises as investors pile in
The price of farmland rebounded during the second half of 2009 as low interest rates caused investors to look for alternative homes for their cash, research showed today.
18th February, 2010

RICS Rural Land Market Survey H2 2009
Exceptionally low supply and rising demand boosts farmland prices and expectations.
9th February, 2010

UK Land Values
Agents’ surveys put the average value of farmland about 30% higher than in 2007.
22nd January, 2010

Farmland Prices Increase 164%
English farmland market ends the decade with a flourish as values hit a new record high, says Knight Frank.
15th January, 2010

2010 Land Market
City money made a surprising return to the English land market in 2009, helping to push arable land values back up in the second half of the year.
15th January, 2010

Future Farmland Values
It's been an uncertain year for farmland values. There have been plenty of buyers worried prices will rise again, while sellers have held back, fearing the icy fingers of recession will nip farmland prices.
18th December, 2009

Housing Potential
Landowners should be actively promoting land for development ready to make the most of the economic upturn, according to land agent Bidwells.
27th November, 2009

Horses Horses Everywhere
The increased demand for equestrian land, find out what has caused this increase and how it can benefit you.
26nd August, 2008

Fuel for Thought
Land values are at an all time high after the increased interest in land use for the increasingly important biofuels.
22nd August, 2008

Planners increase pressure on the countryside
Countryside campaigners in the West Midlands say the Regional Assembly must stand firm against Government pressure to greatly increase housing numbers in the countryside.
10th June, 2007

Equestrian grazing workshop
Campaigners protest against infill development on back gardens.
19th April, 2007

Hands off our back gardens
Campaigners protest against infill development on back gardens.
15th March, 2007

10,000 acres of greenbelt under threat from development
10,000 acres of greenbelt land may be developed according to research by The Guardian and the CPRE.
12th March, 2007

Agricultural land price boom
Land values in the Fens have rocketed in the past year.
2nd March, 2007

Greenfield development encouraged
The government are set to force local councils to mark out new greenfield areas for development to replace brownfield windfall sites.
16th February, 2007

Farmland prices on the up
A continued growth of agricultural land values is expected due to a relatively short supply of farmland combined with a growing purchaser profile.
15th February, 2007

Countryside a playground for the rich
Unless the government is to encourage more rural housing there is a real danger of making the countryside a place for the wealthy at the expense of local people.
8th February, 2007

Tightening the green belt
The green belt is planning’s gold standard, beloved of environmentalists and middle England alike.
1st February, 2007

Land price rise boosts confidence
2006 saw arable land prices rise by 7.5%.
21st January, 2007

What is the CPRE actually protecting?
It was the CPRE that helped instigate the "green belt" system 50 years ago.
2nd October, 2006

Massive development for Crawley after govt overrule
The Government has over-ruled Crawley Council and given building permission for the largest residential development in the town's history.
6th September, 2006

Townies set their sights on farmland
The price of farmland has risen by 9% in the past year, fuelled by a surge in the number of "lifestyle buyers".
12th August, 2006

Housing and planning delivery grant consultation launched
Ministers have formally begun consultations on a new housing and planning delivery grant (HPDG).
27th July, 2006

Barker to Call for More Responsive U.K. Urban Planning System
Call for planning system to be faster and cheaper for companies to obtain building permits.
4th July, 2006

Green belt land 'can be built on'
35 acres of land in Bath are to be removed from the green belt with the potential to be built on.
17th May, 2006

"It's bananas because one of the problems we've faced is a system that encourages people to believe we should Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone." So said Conservative leader David Cameron.
3rd April, 2006

Valentine's passion over 'Prescottshire'
Passion was injected into a St Valentine's Day debate on 'Prescottshire' when campaigners attacked developers eyeing up East Herts countryside for housing.
14th February, 2006

Building on Green Belt Land Increases
Figures obtained by the Telegraph have revealed a 60% rise in development on green belt land.
28th December, 2005

Barker to Review Planning Policies
Kate Barker, who is also a Housing Corporation board member, has been asked to rethink how planning policy should be overhauled, following the Treasury's review of housing supply to pinpoint more blockages in the planning system.
9th December, 2005

Prescott backs green belt housing
John Prescott has given his backing to one of the biggest building schemes approved on green belt land.
23rd October, 2005

Urban regeneration in Wales
Wales has gained a reputation for regeneration thanks to areas of redevelopment that have taken place where the Welsh coal industry once stood.
5th October, 2005

Man with plans to loosen the green belt
Edinburgh's green belt is, as with most green belt land, a controversial subject.
30th September, 2005

Housing plans would 'wreck' countryside
A wave of house building across the UK will do little to help those in greatest housing need.
17th September, 2005

Greenbelt - major review to go ahead
All greenbelt land will be examined to see if it should be developed or protected.
11th September, 2005

Green Belt Development Gets Green Light
Developer, Bloor Homes have been given the green light to build 35 dwellings on green belt after being turned down twice on previous applications.
6th September, 2005

Woodland Ownership
Why buy woodland when many of us are within driving distance of a public woodland?
8th August, 2005

Green Belt - 50 Today
The Green Belt is officially 50 years old today yet there's little to celebrate - green belt land is under threat from development as never before.
3rd August, 2005

Nevermind the Brownfield
Land is now at such a premium that local authorities in areas of high housing demand, could be forced to make land available, regardless of the environmental impact.
25th July, 2005

Allotment Owner's Windfall
Allotment owners offered £28,000 per plot by a property developer.
11th July, 2005

Olympics 2012 - Contaminated Land Clean Up
The Olympics in 2012 will see remediation of one of the largest contaminated sites in the south east.
7th July, 2005

Developers aim to use 1,200 acres of greenbelt
Developers are putting the government under pressure to release 1,200 acres of greenbelt land for 14,000 new homes in the heart of the Thames Gateway growth area.
27th June, 2005

Sharks circle the green belt
Speculators are selling plots within green belt land, holding out to buyers the prospect that a government which is already nibbling hungrily at the green belt in several areas will soon allow planning consents to be given in others.
20th June, 2005

Brownfield development success, but soils still suffer
The decontamination of land has moved on in leaps and bounds, particularly in helping brownfield development, however agriculture is causing damage to soil.
13th June, 2005

Brownfield building at all time high
Statistics have revealed that building new homes being built on brownfield land is at an all time high.
7th June, 2005

Government land released for affordable housing
Hundreds of Government owned sites are set to be released to provide affordable housing for first-time buyers.
25th May, 2005

Farmland Investments Rising
With house prices stagnating, investing in farmland may prove to be the alternative property investment.
Everything Investment, 11th May, 2005

Halal Investment: Investing in Land
Financial and investment products that meet the requirements of Shariah law are still comparatively thin on the ground. Land investment provides an alternative.
The Muslim Weekly, 5th May, 2005

£63,000 for a beach plot
A patch of sand in a popular Welsh seaside resort was sold for £63,000.
Yahoo News , 5th May, 2005

EU waste ruling could land us all in brownfield hell
The European Court ruled that all such spilled contaminants were "legal waste", which is fair enough, but they went on to decide that the soils which they have contaminated are also "waste"...
Lawson Fairbank, 3rd May, 2005

Help, there’s a NIMBY in my back yard!
There’s a lot of speculation in the media at the moment about the possibilities of mass development on the greenbelt...
Lawson Fairbank, 12th April, 2005

Bespoke Liability for Contaminated Land
WSP Environmental are heralding a new scheme - bespoke liability for contaminated land...
Lawson Fairbank, 11th April, 2005

£250 million Paragon Park plans go before council
Developers behind one of Coventry’s biggest ever building projects face D-Day when the official application goes before the council's planning committee....
Coventry Observer, 7th April, 2005

A Valuable Shack
Land scarcity becomes a real problem, and the hunt for useful Brownfield sites continues to increase...
Lawson Fairbank, 30th March, 2005

St Modwen banks for long-term future
Regeneration specialists St Modwen Properties bought 1,600 acres of development land last year yet still produced its twelfth successive year of record results...
Citywire 14th February, 2005

Lifestyle buyers flee farmland
Rural land prices are still rising strongly, but a report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors shows that the exodus of good-lifers from urban areas has slowed...
Western Mail, 8th February, 2005

Alarm at Prescott plan for 'endless suburbia'
20-year proposal to build 640,000 homes will be launched by the Southeast Regional Assembly...
Daily Express, 25th January, 2005

Storm over green belt homes plan
Thousands of homes could “overwhelm” Stourport under new plans to change the status of green belt land, Wyre Forest councillors fear...
Express & Star, 14th January, 2005

€85m paid for homes site at Stillorgan
A new record price for residential development land has been set with the sale of an 11.3 acre site at Stillorgan in south county Dublin for 85m euro...
Biz News, 25th November, 2004

Avoiding the pitfalls when homing in on a land deal
Housing approval rates are set to increase by a third from the present 6,000 homes per year to around 8,000 in 2007/08....
Aberdeen Press & Journal, 20th November, 2004

Development land tax would prove to be a major disincentive
The spectre of a Development Land Tax returning to haunt the whole process is a very real threat to development, especially if proposed works are financially marginal...
IC Teeside, 17th November, 2004

Farmland price soars as investors explore new fields
The price of farmland has risen by nearly a third in the past year as a new breed of non-farming buyers look to fields as an alternative to bricks and mortar or the stock market...
The Telegraph, 12th November, 2004

Prescott accused of raising housing targets
SEERA is today considering proposals to increase the new homes target and the prospect of 720,000 new homes over the next 20 years...
Scotsman, 8th November, 2004

The woods for the trees
When lan and Nina Graham spotted the 'Woods for Sale' sign on the side of the A40 earlier this year the same idea occurred to them both instantly...
The Big Issue, 26th October, 2004

Regional Assembly warns against unsustainable growth and calls for Government funding for essential infrastructure
478,000 new homes will be built in the region – which covers the six counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk - up to 2021...
East of England Regional Assembly, 15th October, 2004

Regional panel backs housing plan
A controversial plan to build nearly 500,000 homes across east England has been given initial backing...
BBC News, 15th October, 2004

Stevenage resigned to massive influx
Old town residents regret threat to green belt as Prescott's housing redevelopment plans take shape...
Guardian, 15th October, 2004

Decision due on greenbelt land
A decision is due on whether 56 hectares of greenbelt land in Sutton Coldfield will be retained as a site for major investment...
IC Birmingham, 20th September, 2004

Protesters' fury over homes for green belt
Residents campaigning to protect a green belt site on the outskirts of Edinburgh have been dealt a major blow after the land was earmarked for housing development by the Scottish Executive.

The spread of UK land ownership
The spread of land ownership is a great good cause, much neglected in England. It's time to revive it...
Mind the Gap, 16th September, 2004

Families wage homes battle
More than 100 families have united to fight for their homes, due for demolition in a £6m Kensington regeneration project...
Liverpool Daily Post, 1st September, 2004

Fury as homes on greenbelt get go-ahead
A row broke out today after councillors in Glasgow signed a deal to build upmarket houses on greenbelt land..., 27th August, 2004

Demand for Country Land booms
The price of farmland is up to record highs as demand continues to outstrip supply. Increasing numbers of people are opting to quit the rat race and move out of cities across the country, boosting the cost of farmland...
ThisisMoney, 26th August, 2004

Gateway homes plan 'relies on improved transport'
The government's plans to build 120,000 new homes in the Thames Gateway by 2016 will not work without a series of new and improved transport facilities, an official report warned today...
The Guardian, 23rd August, 2004

Decision time for Green Belt plan
Another controversial green belt housing development is under the spotlight this week after the recent explosion of objection to the plan for Top Wighay Farm in Hucknall...
Hucknall Today, 21st August, 2004

Brownfield housing potential rises
Planning authorities have upped their estimate of how many houses could be built on previously developed land in England despite the amount of brownfield land available for development remaining unchanged...
Planning Portal, 20th August, 2004

Prescott oversees Britain's silent metamorphosis
Mr Prescott is pushing through his plans to see 1,400,000 new homes built in the next 20 years...
The Telegraph, 15th August, 2004

Green-belt rules to be overhauled as pressure to build rises
Rules that govern green-belt areas around Scotland’s towns and cities are to be overhauled, ministers announced yesterday. The Scottish Executive said a review of current policy was needed because of increasing pressure from building developers., 12th August, 2004

House plan could transform suburb
A Sheffield community could change dramatically if plans to build 91 homes on an industrial site are granted planning permission...
Sheffield Today, 7th August, 2004

Farmland values swell by 10%
Farmland values rose by nearly 10% during the first six months of 2004 as a result of limited supply and renewed demand from prospective buyers, according to the latest rural research...
Property Week, 6th August, 2004

'Cutting-edge' country house plan
Ministers have changed planning rules for the countryside to favour "innovative cutting-edge designs" over traditional country house styles...
BBC News, 4th August, 2004

New call for review of Green Belt
A review of green belts is needed to help make way for 70,000 new homes in Beds, Bucks and Northants according to a government report. The extra housing, to be built by 2021, comes on top of the 100,000 homes already earmarked to be completed over the next 20 years.
BBC News, 3rd August, 2004

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