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Green Belt Development Gets Green Light

Lawson Fairbank 6th September, 2005

Developer, Bloor Homes have been given the green light to build 35 dwellings on green belt after being turned down twice on previous applications.

Having originally applied to build 91 homes on the green belt land, Bloor Homes encountered strong resistance to the development from local residents.

An amended application reduced the number of houses to 68 and was turned down by Sheffield City Councillors because exceptional circumstances for breach of green belt rules were not demonstrated.

The current application for 35 dwellings has been approved despite submitting a 46 signature petition and 12 letters of objection and an objection from The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England because the development was on green belt land.

Chapeltown and High Green Action Group Secretary, Graham Mappin (pictured), opposed the planning and lives close to the site.

The case will now go before the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister because it departs from the Council’s Unitary Development Plan.

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