Buy Land

No matter what type of land you buy there are some basic principles applicable to all. Of course the eventual use will dictate some points.


Land is without a doubt a big purchase, particularly when the land has planning permission. If you are not a cash purchaser it can be worthwhile ensuring that funds would be made available to you for this type of purchase.

Having established a budget try and put a contingency fund in place. If you do find a perfect plot that requires some work such as clearing or demolition before it is usable you do not want to miss out. Land is getting harder to find with demand outstripping supply.


As with bricks and mortar, buying land is all about location. This will affect the price a great deal. The proximity of the land to other areas is also an issue particularly if buying without planning permission.

You couldn't expect to buy a plot of land in between two houses and build a football stadium!

How Much Land Do You Need?

Whatever the use be it animal use, building or simply leisure work out your needs. According to the grazing area or any rough plans for development work you may have.

That land will also need to be usable - a 10 acre plot may look like a bargain, but not if it's on the side of a steep hill and you hope to build on it!

Where to Buy Land?

The first stop is to inform friends and family that you are looking to buy land. It is surprising how often land is found through friends of friends.

Lawson Fairbank provide a Market Place to view land for sale advertisments. We also provide a list of land agents throughout the UK providing a range of land.

The local newspapers in the area you are looking may also contain adverts. Magazines, be they trade or consumer orientated all contain classified adverts and contacts.

Land can take time to find so be patient and keep looking.

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