Derelict Land

Derelict land is land that has become damaged by industrial or other development and beyond beneficial use without treatment. Treatment may include demolition and levelling.

The land may have been abandoned or have unoccupied buildings in an advanced state of disrepair.

Land that cannot be considered derelict land by definition include:

  • Land that is derelict due to natural causes e.g. neglected woodland, farmland, marshes, mudflats, etc.
  • Land damaged by development that is subject to enforceable planning conditions.
  • Land still in industrial or other recognised use.
  • Land damaged by development that has blended into the landscape or put to some form of acceptable use and no longer constitutes a problem.
  • Vacant sites awaiting development.
  • Small areas of neglected or unsightly land less than 0.02ha.

Derelict land in England, 1974 to 2002

A chart showing derelict land in England in England - 1974 to 2002

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