Farmland for Sale

A recent report demonstrates farmland for sale is becoming more and more sought-after. From a buyers perspective there are basically two types of farmland for sale: a farm estate complete with buildings or simply a field (or even part of one). Farmland can therefore span a wide budget range.

Recreation and farm land often go hand in hand - the land is available for much less money than inner city areas, as well as being more plentiful in supply.

This makes for an attractive proposition for people buying into the lower end of the market.

At the upper end of the market farmland is traded in large quantities in whole or in part and with or without buildings. These buildings may appear ripe for renovation or conversion but do not always expect planning permission to come easily, despite there being a building already in place.

Your plans for the use of the land will have a bearing on the acreage of land you purchase and of course the availability. But size is not all - covering a large expanse of land, the condition of the land may vary wildly.

Marginal land that may be unsuitable includes conditions such as poor drainage, severe slopes, and soil that is excessively rocky, or shallow. Poor or limited crop yields can be expected from marginal soils, making them unsuitable for high-value crop enterprises such as organic fruits and vegetables, landscape plants, cut flowers, or other specialty crops.

Of course you may not need or want to grow anything so a bargain piece of marginal land may be just what you require!

Security should also be considered - is the land situated near to dwellings and housing developments. Check to see if fields are visible from these areas.

Ensure any fencing is in good condition as replacing it all could be expensive.

With these issues considered, the process of buying and owning farmland can be more enjoyable.

Land for Sale from Vantage Land

Vantage Land spealises in freehold land for sale across England. We sell land from 2 acres in size as a tangible asset that could be used for paddocks, farming or recreational purposes.

Call Vantage Land on 01727 701642

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