Land Auctions

Land Auctions provide an alternative route to buying plots of land.

Some land agents hold regular land auctions, or alternatively you can find auctions advertised in local newspapers, or indeed on a flyboard on the site to be auctioned.

Auctioneers set a guide price to build up interest in the land for sale. There may be a reserve price - this is the minimum price, known only by the seller and auctioneer, that the land will be sold for.

Land AuctionLand auctions are not restricted to the "real world" either. Plots have been for sale on Ebay for some time. As with a traditional auction do take the time to view and investigate the land before bidding.

Finances, surveys and local searches should all be carried out to ensure your bargain land does not turn out to be a contaminated flood plain with no use whatsoever.

Land auctions are not without risk and are often on a sold as seen basis. Auction bids are to buy and in doing so you enter into a legal contract.

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