Pony Paddocks

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Vantage Land spealises in freehold land for sale across England. We sell land from 2 acres in size as a tangible asset that could be used for paddocks, farming or recreational purposes.

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Pony paddocks are effectively a small acreage of grazing land. Such land is often a small "off cut", that is suitable for nothing more than keeping a horse on. A rule of thumb is one horse per acre, but thanks to a pony's smaller size they require land from just half an acre.

On the face of it one would think pony paddocks should be cheap - but thanks to high demand from horse owners pony paddocks are amongst the most expensive grazing land per acre and are in high demand and short supply.

Ponies are defined as a small horse under 14.2. As a more hardy breed, they can be happily kept all your round grazing in a field, negating the need for stables. Stables are not such a necessary requirement for a pony. Maintenence is therefore low, with regular visits and hay for the winter required.

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