Self Build Land

Around 10% of all new homes built in the UK annually are self-build homes. The UK's passion for property is unwaning, and with so many people taking an interest it was only a matter of time before people dropped their paintbrushes and wanted to build their whole house from scratch.

The ability to decide on each and every detail throughout a self-build home is very appealing. Not only can you select products and design that reflect your personality, or preference of function, self-builders are finding they get higher quality for their money. Higher workmanship and better quality materials can be gained over that of profit driven mass-produced housing.

A self-build home can be the building of a new home from the ground up or a conversion of a building such as a barn, school or chapel.

Renovations, while rewarding can be full of hidden surprises. The unknown factors can often be a financial drain – becoming a labour of love rather than one for profit. Unexpected work not only costs money to fix, but can set the schedule back weeks – which means more money and more reorganising.

A new build is VAT exempt for land costs, most of the building services and the majority of the materials. An incentive that is worth its weight in gold!

Speak to any self-builder and they will say that it was all worthwhile. However ask them what the biggest hurdle was and you will find that beyond running over time and budget, finding building land for sale was the most problematic.

Land has long been a decreasing commodity which makes the challenge of finding self build land as an individual even harder.

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