Woodlands for sale have long provided havens away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The cool air underneath the canopy of trees and the vast array of autumnal colours that have captivated our minds, is now something that can be bought by private individuals.

In recent years land agents have broken down the barriers, making it simple for people to make the dream to own woodland become a reality. Woodlands for sale range in size from around 2 acres to around 20 acres, to keep the size manageable by the individual.

Websites such as Woodland Owner provide advice on finding woods for sale for the private buyer, and organisations such as The Small Woods Association provide information on woodland management. They exist to ensure people do know how to care for their woodland and do not go breaking laws or causing excessive damage to the woods.

Woodland for sale, as with most types of land, are sought after so it is important to make it known that your are seriously interested and in what area. If you are buying a woodland with a view to building it is highly unlikely that you would get planning permission. Consider the exceptional case of one man who was able to build in his wood as featured on Grand Designs.

Woodlands are bought and sold for their recreational value. People do everything from green woodworking and craft activities to paintballing and archery, badger watching and meditation to pheasant shooting.

Land for Sale from Vantage Land

Vantage Land spealises in freehold land for sale across England. We sell land from 2 acres in size as a tangible asset that could be used for paddocks, farming or recreational purposes.

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