Managing Woodland

Having purchased a woodland you will need to get a feel for it in each season. This allows you to fully see how the woodland changes throughout the year before making changes.

Books, such as "Caring for Small Woods" should help you formulate a plan and guide your through the Do's and Don'ts. You cannot start felling trees in your woodland without obtaining a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.

You are permitted to fell up to 5 cubic metres of timber per calendar quarter for your own use without a felling licence.

Your local Forestry Commission Woodlands Officer will be able to advise on general managment and felling. The officer may meet you on site to see exactly what the situation is - permission should not be denied if your action is for the good of the woodland.

A range of grants are available to assist with the costs of restocking and managing existing woodlands. The Forestry Commision will be able to best advise on your eligability for these.

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